Mobile sculptures realized in open spaces in nature, assembled using only materials found on site.
Wood, stones, shells, seeds, feathers are harmoniously balanced, so as to be able to gently interact with the elements and with the wind.

These sculptures represent a recognition of the importance and value of lightness, balance, simplicity and beauty of nature, which we are a part of. Their transience reminds us of the care and attention we should give to this world in which we live.
When, over time, they are destroyed by natural elements, the materials they are made of return to the environment they come from. It is an artistic project that I have been carrying out since 1990, to spread its values.

They have been made and appreciated in various countries, including Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Burkina-Faso, India, Ladakh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and on beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and the Sea of the Antilles.

If you have admired and appreciated them live, please make a small donation by clicking here.
This will help me continue to realize my project.

"Many ask me what these eccentric objects are. Wind clocks, barometers, totems, sacred or magical objects, works of art, toys, direction meters or wind intensity meters, are the most common hypotheses. The times, actually few, when I feel like talking, I remember that they are a bit of all this, perhaps something else, but above all they represent a tribute to the heavenly nature that surrounds them. Much of what I learned by playing with their weights and the wind is the basis of my research work on lamps and, in fact, many of the materials I choose come from the tropical beaches where I built the mobiles. A recurring aspect in each one is the dynamic balance. The shapes and weights of the various parts are designed to interact with each other. When my creatures are free to express themselves in their environment, they take on the most varied forms in the continuous play of even minimal movements, which depend on the wind and the elements. This is why their movements are so harmonious. They are surprisingly resistant even to sudden monsoons. A mysterious magic (almost always) defends them from children’s attacks. Monkeys appreciate them. While nothing can be done with dogs: this is probably personal.
Some people, watching me make them, offer me hospitality or money, asking in exchange for one in their garden. And they are surprised to discover that instead I will leave them exactly where they are, all of them, in exchange for the emotion I felt in building them and seeing them move with so much grace.
When traveling, I carry very few items that I need to realize them. A Swiss army knife, an Opinel, some nails, some fishing line, some aluminum washers for the rotating parts. It doesn't take much more. The rest I find on the spot."

Watch the video to see them in motion:

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